Welcome to the Sanctuary

Tantra is an ancient practice that can provide true and ever-lasting fulfillment. People from all creeds of life practice the art of Tantra.

Tantra creates balance in all aspects, be it self-worth, acknowledgment of others, understanding one's sexuality or healthy meaningful relationships. Tantra is a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Seminars and Lectures

Cathy Wood is available for Seminars and Lectures for Special Events, Workshops and Retreats.

She has spoken professionally at many social events in Perth and her experience, knowledge and passion on tantra is guaranteed to captivate an audience and bring a greater awareness and understanding to sacred sexuality.

Cathy would be only too happy to discuss with you a package that would suit your event.  Price on application depending on duration and content of seminar.

What people say about the Seminars:



Wicca & Co and Tantra

Recently Wicca & Co had the honour of hosting a workshop with Cathy Wood from The Sanctuary of Tantra.  This event was exceptionally well received and the feedback was incredible.

About Wicca & Co

Wicca and Co co-ordinates "spiritual" and "holistic" events and was born through Lara and Annika's passion for new experiences, learning and self development.  It is their way of sharing their positive experiences with others.  They find amazing facilitators who have inspired them and bring these people to you in an introductory workshop/event setting.

Testimonials from participants:

"Just wanted to say thank you again for inviting me to yesterday's event - I really did enjoy it!"

"Thank you so much for organising the Tantra workshop, I was so inspired that when I reviewed my 4 pages of notes I decided to choose 3 things that spoke to me and that I would incorporate into my daily schedule they are:

  1. The PC exercises
  2. The Chi Energy breathing
  3. And the Grounding

Thank you again"!



 "I really enjoyed it, it was a drop in the ocean it seems but how comfortable and great Cathy made us all feel! My husband also enjoyed it, especially the sacred circle.  (I was surprised!) He's glad he went.  Thanks - it was really good"

My name is Ms Monika Koblenz and for 2 years I was Director of a small business named "Creative Connections".  I was in the business of human relations. The service provided was executed in a personal and professional manner.  I brought together successful like-minded aware singles to help build personal relationships as well as co-ordinating a variety or interesting and stylish events including a Tantra presentation by Cathy Wood. 




I first met Cathy, when I was a guest at a Tantra presentation organised by Angel Events, a business support network.  I was immediately captivated and impressed by her charismatic presentation of the sensitive theme of sexuality; she held her audience and her dignity!  Cathy balanced the sometimes weird & wacky, with the wonderful.  My sexual paradigm was expanding; I was "turned on!" The history of Tantra, male & female physiology, energy flow, meditation, communication, timing, foreplay, touch, techniques, games, needs of males, needs of females etc were included.  I knew more people needed to hear Cathy's message.  I was convinced that the cost should be covered by Medi-care in the interests of the health of the country. 

I quickly spoke to Cathy to organise a presentation; I knew this topic would be popular with my single's group!  Men and women quickly signed up.  We had a full house.  Sex is still a hot topic!  Working with Cathy was a breeze.  Cathy was consistent and again her presentation was excellent.  And then came the feedback: 

  • "I wish I had this information when I was younger.  I would not have blamed my wife and we may still be together."
  • "I want my children to know about this.  When are you organising the next Tantra event?"
  • "I was mesmerised by Cathy.  She is so beautiful.  I can't wait to try it all out.  Anyone interested?"
  • "I want to make Tantric Sex a priority in my life?"

Meeting Cathy has changed my thinking around sex in so many ways and I love it.

Thanks Cathy

Do yourself a favour and make Tantra a part of your life.