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Tantra is the science of cosmic reality and self knowledge. A system from duality to unity, liberation, joy and tantric transendence!

Tantra Retreat for Couples

4th and 5th October 2014

Tantra - A Gift of Love

The ultimate weekend getaway for Couple's to re-ignite the passion, enhance deeper intimacy and connect to the deeper meaning of true intimacy, heal relationship blocks, spice up the heat in the bedroom and connect sex with spirituality, pleasure with ecstasy!

The Sanctuary's Retreats are renowned for their incredible ability to bring Couple's together to celebrate and rejoice in their "Coupleship".

"Life is an incredible journey, don't look back, always look ahead, there is only love and joy in that direction" Cathy Wood/Founder Director The Sanctuary of Tantra
  • WHEN:     4th and 5th August 2014
  • TIMES:     Saturday 9am to Sunday 4pm
  • WHERE:  Serpentine Retreat Centre, Lewis Road, Serpentine  WA  6205
  • COST:       $695.00 per couple (all inclusive; workshops, vegetarian meals, accommodation, guest speaker, Tantra  pack)  

'Serpentine Retreat Centre'

All Meals and Snacks, Tea, Herbal Tea and Coffee Included. Meals are Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine prepared by Sue Bartoll.  Sue is a qualified Naturopath and Remedial Therapist and has been cooking for retreats since the mid nineties and thrives on the joy of preparing delicious  health giving food for a crowd of people. 

For further info please visit web www.suebartoll.com.au

Payment Options.

Terms and Conditions

  • A $95.00 non refundable deposit is required per couple to confirm booking. 
  • The Balance is strictly payable and due on or before the 28th July 2014. 
  • Minimum number of 5 couples required per retreat. Maximum 14 couples (Private Rooms).
  • Speakers may be subject to change at the discretion of the Sanctuary of Tantra.
  • Special TAKE HOME SENSUAL TANTRA PACK per couple.

Cancellation Policy

  • The Sanctuary of Tantra reserves the right to cancel the retreat if sufficient numbers are not received. A full refund will be issued.
  • Cancellation deposits will be transferred towards future retreats at the same fee schedule as the original booking.
  • Deposit is non refundable if cancellation is within one week of the date of the retreat

Privacy Policy

The Sanctuary of Tantra is committed to providing a professional and confidential Tantra Retreat. Your privacy is important to us therefore no personal information of any kind or email addresses will ever be forwarded or shared with a third party except if required by law.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no nudity or intrusiveness at any time during this retreat. Clothes are kept on (except in the tantric massage session where screens and towels are used for privacy and comfort) and respectfulness of other couple's boundaries is required within the retreat at all times. Women's and Men's Sacred Tantric practices and techniques will be taught in separate sessions during the retreat.

To register and learn more:
Please click on the Couples Tantra Registration Form
Email   info@cathy@sanctuaryoftantra.com.au

What to expect:

Tantra is an ancient art of blending sexuality with spirituality empowering the body mind and spirit through sexual energy. Tantra starts with knowing and healing thyself and then can be integrated into creating a beautiful, harmonious relationship that connects two people emotionally, physically and spiritually. Sex becomes making love, pleasure becomes ecstasy. The history of Tantra dates back over 10,000 years and the teachings are global, people from all walks of life, religions and nationalities practice Tantra.

This weekend retreat is open to couples of all ages who wish to explore Tantra to re-ignite the passion, connect love with spirituality and sexuality whilst at the same time meeting and integrating with likeminded people. Set in 20 acres of magnificent bushland, this will be a truly life changing experience.

Some of the Benefits and Skills covered in this retreat:

  • The History of Tantra
  • Correct Breathing, Grounding and meditation  
  • The science of "chi" and "ching" (mastering your sexual energy)
  • Shiva/Shakti (masculine, feminine energies)
  • The art of communication.
    - learning to receive pleasure
    - learning to give pleasure and 
    - learning to surrender to the moment
  • Re-ignite the passion within yourself and your partner
  • Build the confidence to express your inner sexual desires
  • Build the confidence to express how you want to be loved
  • Become open to greater states of spiritual and physical sexual pleasure
  • Tantric Massage - "The Feast of the Senses"
  • Awakening the goddess within (Shakti energy) - for women taught separately
  • Skills to achieve Valley Orgasm (whole body orgasm without ejaculation - for men, taught separately)
  • More forceful and powerful orgasms creating more sexual control 
  • Ovarian Palace Breathing (for women)
  • Testicular Breathing (for men)
  • The History of Yab Yum and Tantra Asanas (sexual positions) 

Couple's Retreat Testimonials

Have just completed the couples retreat and wanted to thank you so much for a truly wonderful weekend. We have been married for 25 years, have a wonderful relationship and always looking to evolve and grow together. Didn't know what to expect from the weekend but found it to be truly relaxing, spiritually connecting and very practical. Absolutely loved the food, which just added to the nurturing environment and have kept up with the Qi Gong classes also. Friends and clients have been saying how good we both look. Would thoroughly recommend this course to any couple looking to just connect and spend some quality time with each other and remind yourselves what's important. Cathy, you have a lovely gentle way about you and it made it such a pleasure learning from you and your team.

Sue C South Perth 2011

"As it was our 34th Wedding Anniversary we decided to enrol for the Couples Retreat for a quiet but special break away. We'd read a little about "Tantra" many years ago but really had no idea and had received no formal instruction. The weekend was absolutely life-changing for us in our relationship. We believe we've been given a precious gift, enhancing our relationship and bringing us closer together in our coupleship than we ever could have imagined. Cathy and her team presented information to us in such a beautiful, respectful and professional manner. It was a truly magical experience and we'd recommend the retreat, workshops and indeed everything at the Sanctuary to any couple devoted to enriching their relationship".

S & B Perth

What a day!!!
Just Cathy's, Jo's and Dom's presence was a guarantee for a fantastic and memorable time.
Cathy's Magic (CM) brought us all to our individual best to share with such beautiful and worthy people.
I felt HUGE inside, inviting, accommodating, warm, "cotton-ed", accepting, understanding, nurturing... it's (Tantrically) endless.
Still settling un/conscious impressions and discoveries of own (and others') emotions, awareness, understanding, Love.
And I asked myself: "What with am I entering the journey of Tantra, what am I giving into it ...?"
Two words came ......
Telling my "Sunday" experiences to an "enlightened" friend he described my "deployment" with the EXACTLY the same two words:
What a beautiful living.
Thank you all.
Thank you CM

Peter 2012



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