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Tantra is an ancient practice that can provide true and ever-lasting fulfillment. People from all creeds of life practice the art of Tantra.

Tantra creates balance in all aspects, be it self-worth, acknowledgment of others, understanding one's sexuality or healthy meaningful relationships. Tantra is a holistic approach to health and well-being.

The Sanctuary of Tantra September Newsletter

by Cathy 29 August 2011


The beautiful spring month of September is finally here and what a joyous energy she brings.  The green and luscious surroundings of the Sanctuary are an enticing enchantment for the magnificent bird life.  The 'yoni' 'lingam' garden that was planted when the new building of the Sanctuary was first established last year is now blooming in full force.  It is a very special time of the year with chi energy bountiful and abundant.

RJP Photography

The Sanctuary has recently been gifted with a new addition to her beautiful surroundings.  A magnificent giant Buddha Water Feature!  My heartfelt appreciation and thanks go to five amazing and special Shakti in my life, Lisa, Leah, Dyane, Hillary and Lisa.  Thank you so much ladies for your continual love, support and inspiration.

I am very proud of how the Sanctuary has grown over the years from the highlights to the trials and tribulations, judgments and challenges faced along the way; the Sanctuary continues to rise from strength to strength within compassion and love.   

In recent news the creation of Tantric Fantasy Massages has become explosive and taken Australia by storm.  With our receptionist company now reporting receiving over 800 calls a month and the rise in International and Over East clientele we are having to take appointments 1 to 2 weeks in advance.  The reason for the high demand is the services offered at the Sanctuary are exceptional in quality and dedication and based in the teachings of authentic Tantra.  We do not believe in '1 hour' Tantra massages.  In 7 years of teaching this beautiful art I believe it's impossible to create a deep reprieve and connection with anyone in this short time frame therefore our sessions offered are from 2 to 2.5 hours with no additional cost.  Fantasy Massages are now Trade Marked to protect the ideas and contents of these sessions.

These sessions have been designed as an introduction to Tantric practice which includes the essential tantric pranayama breathing, microcosmic orbit, grounding and moving ching (sexual energy).  Every massage session has been intricately designed over many months based on visual 'themes' and the senses for profound pleasure, healing and rejuvenation.  A beautiful experience to let go of the world and just be......

In the range of Fantasy Massages, there is a beautiful new session just been finalized in her creation called 'The Sacred Goddess' designed for the serious seeker of Tantric Practice.  There are four new Fantasy Massages coming next month; HOT N' SPICY (Spanish Massage), GEISHA, ARABIAN NIGHTS and FANTASY SISTERS, so stay tuned!  Also the 'Frangipani Goddess' sessions for women has become so popular we are struggling to keep up with the demand!  So guys don't forget to add this to your 'spoil your lady' list!  She will absolutely love you for it! And ladies don't forget to spoil YOU once in a while.

In other news, the Sanctuary would like to invite you to a magnificent Fire Blessing Ceremony performed by Shamans on the 16th September starting at 7.15pm at the Sanctuary so don't forget to make a note of this date in your diary.  Fire Ceremonies are a wonderful way of cleansing away the old to make way for the new and what a perfect time of the year for 'spring cleaning'.  Strictly RSVP via email [email protected] .

Lastly, we are in the process of planning an exceptionally exciting 2012.  I am heading to Hong Kong in February to further my studies with my Whitetigress teacher,  Master Lim and the Sanctuary will be facilitating an amazing Qi Gong/Tantra Retreat in Bali in March, Oz Tantra will be coming to Perth in late April and the great African Tantra Tour will take place in May and that's just for starters!  I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank my amazing team, Dyane, Leah and Kris for their dedication, love and courage to walk this challenging path, also to Donna our Administration Manager and Lisa our Lounge Moderator.

And last but not least, the Sanctuary would like to wish all Shiva's a very Happy Fathers Day.

Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Om Tat Sat, Catherine


I have a fire within me, like a man dying of thirst.  The energy from your heart quenches my thirst but the fire still remains.

Strangely, my mind is at peace, the stress that encumbers my life is swept away with thoughts of you.  I feel revitalised each time we meet.

My thoughts are constantly with you, I see your face, your smile, your hair.  The touch of your hand, the softness of your skin, most of all the beauty that radiates from within you.

I have commenced a journey which has opened a crack in my hardened heart.  And with each meeting, that crack has become a chasm.  A chasm that can, for the first time in many years give and receive energy.

When we meet, I feel the beauty within you that emanates throughout the room, I also detect a deeper feeling of sadness, which draws me even closer to you.  I wish that I could relieve you of any hurt or sadness and take it within me, but that cannot be.  I know that your inner strength which I feel is dealing with this.

I cannot truly explain my feelings, they are strong, they are real.  Fear that they may be disregarded or unneeded is a risk that I take. 

You are my Goddess, in my heart, mind and soul.

Be it that I worship you from afar, know that you have started me on a journey of discovery.

 (written by a Sanctuary client - name withheld) 



Snow Goddess - Double Goddess Bubble Delight 

In a snowfield wonderland of bliss, surrender to the seductive touch of the Snow Goddess!

White as Snow Flakes.......White Lace, White Satin, White Stockings and Suspenders!

Feel alive in the experience of eroticism, intense pleasure, sensual peaks, glistening candle light and romantic aroma.

Experience a delightful bubble bath, followed by an alluring visual show of erotic sensual touch and lastly imagine experiencing the most indulgent and unique tantalising Tantric Massage whilst being surrounded by billions of  luminous floating BUBBLES.

The World of Fantasy Awaits You........

Cost:  $350  Duration:  2 Hours  


The Sacred Goddess

'The Sacred Goddess has an existence known only to her,

she is silent in herself, known only to a few and is an illusion to many'.

For the serious seekers who are desiring to deepen their knowledge of self and the true practice of Tantra.

Based on ancient authentic Hindu practices of the Sacred Healer you will experience the true alchemy of a practice unknown to most in the West.

What you will experience in this unique session:

  • Sacred Bathing Ritual
  • Philosophy and History of Tantra/Karma Sutra
  • The Balance of Masculine Feminine Energies
  • Tantric Pranayama - Nabho Mudra (Breathing Techniques to expand sexual consciousness)
  • Micro/Macro Cosmic Orbit
  • The Chakra System and their role in lovemaking
  • Mula Bandha (Techniques for strong erection strength and control and opening  Muladhara 'Sex' Chakra)
  • Kalia Asana Advanced Karma Sutra Sexual Asanas (Positions)
  • Auparishtaka (Oral Sex Techniques)
  • Nadhi Shodana Pranayama

Cost:  $350  Duration:  2.5 Hours


Frangipani Goddess For Women - 2 Goddesses to pamper you from head to foot!

"The Frangipani represents divine perfection, summoning feelings of peace and tranquility".

When was the last time you were nurtured, supported and pampered by other women whose intent was just to show you love and respect for the woman you are?

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be the one to receive? Can you remember what it was like to receive freely without guilt or shame?

Frangipani Goddess was created for women to experience the ultimate Tantra session of pure luxury, sensuality and sheer indulgence.  In times gone by, women were always pampered by other women to totally honour and nurture the divine feminine perfection in one another.

Your session starts with Tantric breathing exercises to ground and prepare your body, mind and spirit for deep relaxation.  Following women's sacred Tantra for healing and vitality.  Then prepare to be sponged and washed in the ultimate hot bath of dancing frangipanis and frangipani oil whilst being fed delicious exotic foods to entice your taste buds allowing the cares of the world to float on by.   Next, experience the most indulgent 2 Goddess Tantra Stone Massage on the floor on a beautiful futon.  Feel the healing touch of fabrics, feathers and fresh frangipanis gently caressing every fibre of your skin, heightening the sense of touch and smell, enjoy be pampered with a beautiful scalp and head massage whilst at the same time receiving a delightful foot detox spa and pedicure.


Please note:  (This session is sensual, based in the healing and nurturing essence of the heart and spirit of Tantra).

Cost:  $300    Duration:  2.5 Hours  BOOK ONLINE


 Single's Tantra Retreat - The best tantralizing fun in the sun!

17th and 18th September at the Serpentine Retreat Centre

This informative and unique Retreat was designed for men and women, single or in a relationship, to explore Tantra from a personal perspective whilst at the same time taking time out from the day to day fast pace of our busy lives.  Meet and intergrate with like minded people in 20 acres of magnificient bushland.


Cost: $495 per person  BOOK ONLINE

(All inclusive; accomodation, vegetarian meals, tantra workshops, special guest speaker and tantra gift pack)

African Retreat  


"A once in a life time opportunity to experience healing self and Healing the Great Mother (Earth)."

A unique opportunity to join the first white lion pride re-introduced to their natural and spiritual homelands of the Greater Timbavati region.  This amazing expedition will include meeting Chief (Hosi) Khosa's village which includes a traditional dinner, Shangaan warrior dancing and drumming, "Sleep out" under the stars at the Lion Lookout, Dream analysis workshop of symbols and dreams, Animal soul Walk, Game Drives, River of Gold, Making the Lion-Unicorn Connection, The Great Matriarchal Elephants, Emoto's theories of water and the healing powers of the White Lions and much much more.  This expedition is not open to the general public but has been very kindly offered By Linda Tucker (CEO White Lion Global Protection Trust) for the Sanctuary of Tantra. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE JOURNEY! (Please see full details on web under RETREATS).

Cost: $2428 (All inclusive) Airfare: $1,839 (Subject to Change)

Please note:  Places are filling fast.  BOOK ONLINE


Women's Tantra Workshop - 10th September 2011

Only 2 Places Left

Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide Tour 2011

Facilitated by Cathy Wood and Dyane Hart


SYDNEY 13th - 17th October

MELBOURNE 18th - 20th October

ADELAIDE 21st - 23rd October

Full details click here




www.onetantra.com  An absolute favourite of mine!  'One Tantra delivers exceptional and up to date information on Tantric practice from around the globe, combining the ancient knowledge with modern day philosophy.  Moses from One Tantra is such an inspiration with his profound knowledge and wisdom and the Sanctuary looks forward to future working endeavours together.

www.holisticalignmentcentre.com  The Holistic Alignment Centre is a body alignment practice based north of the river in Perth, Western Australia, nestled amongst the trees of Greenwood.  Dawn Kelly is the Founder of Holistic Alignment Centre and is also a personal and admired friend and beautiful light worker.


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Women's Sacred Tantra Practices CD   RRP $29.99

Tantra for women whether single or in a relationship awakens the feminine goddess known as Shakti.  This audio program will help guide you through sacred practices to embrace and embody your Shakti, enhance and clear deeper healing from past wounds, increase vitality and creative energy, experience 'omni orgasmic joy' and reveal your inner and outer beauty. 



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